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Serving Richmond since 1958, the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League (RSOL) is a membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating a volunteer base to support the Richmond Symphony through fundraising, education and community involvement. The Richmond Symphony Orchestra League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization. The RSOL was formed in 1958 as the Women’s Committee of the Richmond Symphony, as an all ladies organization. The organization voted, in 1993, to change its name to the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League, Inc. (RSOL), opening its membership to both men and women. The membership now stands at 175 and growing. The group is dedicated to supporting, assisting and encouraging the growth and development of the Richmond Symphony. To accomplish this goal, the RSOL has developed a variety of programs and activities to stimulate interest in and appreciation of the Symphony and its music among diverse audiences as well as to provide opportunities for fundraising on behalf of the Symphony.

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To learn more about the RSOL, please email us info@rsol.org.  We look forward to hearing from you!


1958   The Women's Committee of the Richmond Symphony was formally organized in 1958 with Mrs. Rives Fleming Jr. as Chair. When it originated as the Women's Committee in 1958, the purpose was "to support, assist and further the aims of the Richmond Symphony." This was primarily accomplished through ticket sales.

1984   The Richmond Symphony Orchestra League hosted the first Designer House fund raiser event.

1993  The Women’s Committee voted to change its name to the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League, Inc. (RSOL), and opened membership to both men and women.

2000  Another supporting organization for the Richmond Symphony, Allegro, whose initial purpose was to promote audience development, joined forces with the RSOL.

2008  The Richmond Symphony Orchestra League celebrated 50 years of service to the Richmond Symphony.

2014   The original Women's Committee membership of 75 has grown to more than 150 Richmond Symphony Orchestra League members, representing all areas of the Richmond community. As the programs and services of the Symphony have expanded, the League has continued to sponsor education programs and fund raising projects to assist and encourage the growth and development of the Richmond Symphony.  In June, 2014, RSOL's 2012 Designer House was recognized with a national award by the League of American Orchestras.

A Look Back in Time: The RSOL Designer Houses (click the photos to link to our Pinterest account and see more photos.)





Ann Burks
Alison Eckis
Education V.P.
Chris Landis
Hospitality V.P.
Alison Eckis
Membership V.P.
Lisa Ruzek,
Stacey Bird
Ways and Means V.P.
Judy Green
David Berry
Corresponding Secretary
Stephanie Biggs
Recording Secretary
Ann Bolesta
Nominating Committee
Julie Brantley

Committee Chairs Appointed by President

Hugh Catlett
Assistant Treasurer
Matt Williams
By-Laws, Parliamentarian
Faye Holland
League of American Orchestras
Joyce Maines


Standing Committees
Government Liaison
Wendy Sydnor
Guest Artist Hospitality
Susan Thomas
RSOL Administrator
Barbara Espigh

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